Solstafir - Ótta

Solstafir "Ótta" CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2014
Style: Icelandic Heathen Rock/Metal
Country: Iceland


1. Lágnætti
2. Ótta
3. Rismál
4. Dagmál
5. Miðdegi
6. Nón
7. Miðaftann
8. Náttmál



SÓLSTAFIR are different. Their unique blend of metal with beautiful melodies, psychedelic moments and a strong undercurrent of classic / hard rock comes as varied and at times appealingly bizarre as the landscapes of their native Iceland. Their fifth full-length "Ótta" is the logical continuation of the musical course Solstafir adopted on the highly acclaimed forerunner "Svartir Sandar" (2011).

Regular CD edition.


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