U.D.O. - Animal House

U.D.O. "Animal House" CD

Label: AFM
Released: 1988/2013
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Animal House
2. Go Back To Hell
3. They Want War
4. Black Widow
5. In The Darkness
6. Lay Down The Law
7. We Want It Loud
8. Hot Tonight
9. Warrior
10. Coming Home
11. Run For Cover

12. Animal House (Live)
13. They Want War (Live)
14. In The Darkness (Live)
15. They Want War (Video)
16. Go Back To Hell (Video)

Length: 46:38 + bonus


This picks up where Accept left off after Russian Roulette. Udo regrouped and did a great job with "Animal House". Very acceptable soundings and close to the original Accept-Pure pounding rock.

Remastered reissue from 2013, with bonus tracks.


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