V.A. - One and All, Together, for Home

V.A. "One and All, Together, for Home" Digipak 2CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2014
Style: Folk / Metal
Country: International


CD 1:
1. PRIMORDIAL - Dark Horse On The Wind
2. DRUDKH - Zabuta koliskova (Forgotten Lullaby)
3. HÄIVE - Ei Kuule Emo Minua
4. KAMPFAR - En Hymne Til Urd
5. WINTERFYLLETH - Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
6. WINTERFYLLETH - John Barleycorn
7. MONDVOLLAND - Montferland I (with FOLKCORN)
8. MONDVOLLAND - Montferland II
9. HIMINBJORG - Esprit De Brave

CD 2:
1. WINTERFYLLETH - The Three Ravens
2. KAMPFAR - Bådnsull
3. DRUDKH - Dovbush
4. MONDVOLLAND - Montferland III
5. AVA INFERI - Ao Teu Lado
6. HÄIVE - Ukon On Tulinen Turkki
7. HÄIVE - Onpa Tietty Tietyssäni
8. PRIMORDIAL - The Foggy Dew



A mighty double-disc compilation featuring international metal artists gathered by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko.

The eight participating bands are expressively linked in their artistic output to the culture and history of their respective countries of origin. Therefore they represent eight different regions of modern Europe: Ireland (PRIMORDIAL), Ukraine (DRUDKH), Finland (HÄIVE), Norway (KAMPFAR), England (WINTERFYLLETH), Netherlands (MONDVOLLAND), France (HIMINBJORG), and Portugal (AVA INFERI).

Yet they find common ground in the different musical traditions they explore. Each artist employs their own means to find and present their roots to the world. You will find interpretations of traditional songs, cover versions of folk artists or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritage in original compositions.


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