V.A. - I Am Vengeance (Soundtrack)

V.A. "I Am Vengeance (Soundtrack)" CD

Label: Meteor City
Released: 2001
Style: Stoner/Doom Rock
Country: International


1. David William Hughes
2. My Name Is David William Hughes
3. I Am Vengence
4. Bullet in My Head
5. I´d Like to Report a Killing...
6. Mother´s Gone
7. Burning a Sinner
8. Calling Cosmos
9. Lost Confidence
10. Sea of Tomorrow
11. Day of the Lost Comet
12. Cannibal Love Song
13. Answer/Vote Pearcy
14. In My Sadness
15. Killing Words
16. Scream
17. Mind Drifter
18. Decision



Meteor City is the home to some of the world´s best doom bands so it makes perfectly sense that the label released the soundtrack to no-budget splatter film "I Am Vengeance" that uses doom and stoner metal as its driving force. The line-up includes Count Raven, Doomsday Gouvernment, Lowrider, Witchfynder General and many more.


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