Various Artists - Dance For Your Life – Rare Finnish Funk & Disco 1976-1986

Various Artists "Dance For Your Life – Rare Finnish Funk & Disco 1976-1986" CD

Label: Svart
Released: 2018
Style: Funk / Disco
Country: Finland


1. Anneli Pasanen: Auringonmaa
2. Marion: Syy täysikuun
3. Ernos: Discofiilis
4. Dance: Flying High
5. Seitsemän seinähullua veljestä: Kaikki kaunis
6. Karma: Raju yö
7. Piritta: Ota
8. Peak Funktion: Freakin´ At The Disco
9. The Groove Night: Gallow Zone
10. Solar: Walking Under Moonlight
11. Emilia: Filmi
12. Jussi Halme: Funny Funk
13. Nisa Soraya: Queen of the Night
14. Break: All My Loving
15. Paul Williams: Silvernight
16. Jussi Halme: Manhattan Club
17. Caron: Dancing In The Night
18. Björninen Band: Dance For Your Life



The 18-track compilation "Dance for Your Life" is an expertly curated selection of the best, weirdest and most wonderful tunes the Finnish disco and funk underground had to offer back in the 70s and 80s.


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