V.A. - Chronicles of Tyranny and Blood - Tribute to Graveland

V.A. "Chronicles of Tyranny and Blood - Tribute to Graveland" CD

Label: Totenkopf
Released: 2006
Style: Black Metal
Country: International


1. Arkona (Pol) - In The Glare of Burning Churches
2. Sacrificia Mortuorum (Fra) - The Night Of Fullmoon
3. Taranis (USA) - Raise The Swords
4. Nocturne (Fra) - Born For War
5. Nacht Und Nebel (Can) - Barbarism Returns
6. Sombre Chemin (Fra) - The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness
7. Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - The Call Of The Black Forest
8. Bannerwar (Gre) - Ancient Blood
9. Thallium (Bra) - Witches Holocaust
10. Der Sturmer (Gre) - For Pagan And Heretic´s Blood
11. Nokturnal Mortum (Ukr) - Thurisaz

Length: 01:12:28


Eleven bands black metal bands kneeling before the altar of almighty Polish black/epic metal giant Graveland.


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