Zappa, Frank - Cheap Thrills

Zappa, Frank "Cheap Thrills" CD

Label: Rykodisc
Released: 1998
Style: Alternative Rock
Country: USA


1. I Could Be A Star Now
2. Catholic Girls (live)
3. Bobby Brown Goes Down (live)
4. You Are What You Is
5. We Are Not Alone
6. Cheap Thrills
7. The Mudshark Interview
8. Hot Plate Heaven At The...
9. Zomby Woof (live)
10. The Torture Never Stops
11. Joe´s Garage (live)
12. My Guitar Wants To Kill...
13. Going For The Money

Length: 49:51


"Cheap Thrills" compilation serves as a 50-minute introduction to the varied world of Frank Zappa´s huge catalog. Drawn from a dozen different releases, many of the tracks are live recordings.


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