Zappa, Frank - Freak Out!

Zappa, Frank "Freak Out!" CD

Label: Zappa Records
Released: 1966/2012
Style: Rock
Country: USA


1. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
2. I Ain´t Got No Heart
3. Who Are The Brain Police?
4. Go Cry On Somebody Else´s Shoulder
5. Motherly Love
6. How Could I Be Such A Fool
7. Wowie Zowie
8. You Didn´t Try To Call Me
9. Any Way The Wind Blows
10. I´m Not Satisfied
11. You´re Probably Wonderin Why I´m Here
12. Trouble Every Day
13. Help, I´m A Rock
14. It Can´t Happen Here
15. The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet

Length: 01:00:55


The debut album by American band The Mothers of Invention, headed by Frank Zappa. Often cited as one of rock music´s first concept albums, the album is a satirical expression of frontman Frank Zappa´s perception of American pop culture.


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