Jürjendal, Robert - Balm Of Light / Valguse palsam

Jürjendal, Robert "Balm Of Light / Valguse palsam" CD

Label: Iapetus
Released: 2015
Style: Ambient / Contemporary / Prog Rock / Experimental
Country: Estonia


1. Päikesest valgustatud I / Sunlit I
2. Une metsadest kevadesse / From Dream Forests To Spring
3. Valged pilved hallis taevas / White Clouds In Grey Sky
4. Siis on päevad valgemad valgest / Then the Days Are Lighter Than White
5. Muundumised / Transformations
6. Kild / A Bit
7. Mesikaltsiit / Honey Calcite
8. Päikesest valgustatud II / Sunlit II
9. Lauluritsikas / Singing Cricket
10. Perseiidid / Perseids
11. Mu päev lõpeb / My Day Passes Away
12. Valguse palsam / Balm of Light

13. Protuberances / Protuberantsid



The second solo album by the Estonian guitarist and composer Robert Jürjendal.

"Balm of Light" is an eclectic album. One can find there soft ambient textures, advanced delay techniques, classical guitar ensemble composition, live-looping techniques, field recordings and percussion treatments, a taste of early music, latin, the use of traditional folk hymns, experimentation and fusion.


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