Gazpacho - March Of Ghosts

Gazpacho "March Of Ghosts" Digipak CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2012
Style: Post-Progressive/Pop Rock
Country: Norway


1. Monument
2. Hell Freezes Over I
3. Hell Freezes Over II
4. Black Lily
5. Gold Star
6. Hell Freezes Over III
7. Mary Celeste
8. What Did I Do?
9. Golem
10. The Dumb
11. Hell Freezes Over IV

Length: 50:17


Intelligent and compelling rock dynamics meet ambient, classical and world music influences on the band´s darkest album to date. Gazpacho is a bit more accessible than Radiohead, more diversified than Marillion and more proggy than Coldplay.

"March Of Ghosts" is the band’s follow-up to successful "Missa Atropos", which was released on Kscope in 2011.


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