Ozric Tentacles - Space For The Earth

Ozric Tentacles "Space For The Earth" LP (Black vinyl)

Label: Kscope
Released: 2020
Style: Psychedelic/Space Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Stripey Clouds 6:37
2. Blooperdome 5:34
3. Humboldt Currant 8:58
4. Popscape 4:51

5. Climbing Plants 7:05
6. Space for the Earth 7:36
7. Harmonic Steps 6:36

Length: 47:17


Inspired by the Scottish hills, valleys and beaches surrounding his studio, Wynne feels that lockdown in a strange kind of way has provided space for the Earth to breathe for a while and for people to rediscover it?s resonant healing frequency. Ozrics? synth player Silas Neptune and drummer Balázs Szende join forces again with Wynne on the album which also features special guest appearances from former members synth player Joie Hinton, drummer Nick Van Gelder, flautist Champignon and percussionist Paul Hankin. Psychedelic voyager Gracerooms also contributes additional synth layers.


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