Zappa, Frank - Zappa in New York (40th Anniversary Edition)

Zappa, Frank "Zappa in New York (40th Anniversary Edition)" Trifold 3LP

Label: Zappa Records
Released: 1978/2019
Style: Prog/Jazz/Fusion Rock
Country: USA


Side A:
1. Titties & Beer
2. I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth
3. Big Leg Emma

Side B:
1. Sofa
2. Manx Needs Women
3. The Black Page Drum Solo / Black Page #1
4. Black Page #2

Side C:
1. Honey, Don´t You Want A Man Like Me?
2. The Illinois Enema Bandit

Side D:
1. The Purple Lagoon

Bonus LP:
Side E:
1. Black Napkins
2. Cruisin´ For Burgers (1977 Mix)

Side F:
1. The Black Page #2 (Piano Version)
2. I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth (Alternative Version)
3. Punky´s Whips (Unused Version)
4. The Black Page #1 (Piano Version)



A live album by Frank Zappa, released internationally in March 1978. Recorded in December 1976 at a series of concerts at the Palladium in New York City.

40th anniversary edition with extra material on the third vinyl disc.


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