Akhlys - The Dreaming I

Akhlys "The Dreaming I" Digipak CD

Label: Debemur Morti
Released: 2015
Style: Black Metal
Country: USA


1. Breath and Levitation
2. Tides of Oneiric Darkness
3. Consummation
4. The Dreaming Eye
5. Into the Indigo Abyss

Length: 45:52


Naas Alcameth, the mastermind behind NIGHTBRINGER, has amazing dreams, full of horrid shadows, white voices, and visions of nights beyond nights. He is using his terrific new creation, AKHLYS, as a vector to share this black onirism with listeners.

"The Dreaming I" is a fascinating and grandiose sonic monument consisting of five otherworldly compositions, five dark tunnels of fury and intensity in which to lose yourself, filled with dangerous and hypnotic melodies.


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