Abigail - The Early Black Years (1992-1995)

Abigail "The Early Black Years (1992-1995)" CD

Label: Drakkar
Released: 2007
Style: Black/Thrash Metal
Country: Japan


1. Intro
2. Grotesque Nightmare
3. Death of Life
4. The Fire of Hell
5. Lucifer Sings
6. Blasphemer (Sodom cover)
7. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)
8. A Witch Named Aspileuetta
9. The Lord of Satan
10. Mephistopheles
11. Count Barbatos
12. War
13. Black Witch
14. Cut Throat (Bulldozer cover)
15. Possessed (Bathory cover)
16. A Witch Named Aspileaetta
17. Attack with Spell

Length: 01:05:00


Collection of early demos and rare tracks from these Japanese freaks. The most evil band in Japan.


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