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Ashen Light "Real´naja Zhizn´ - Zhizn´ Zdes´ i Seichas!" CD
Label Sound Age
Release date 2008
Style Black Metal
Country Venemaa
Price: 10.99 EUR


Translations song titles:
1. Lifeless words that´s sense can be restored only by death
2. Wishes and words have the awful ability to convert into a fact
3. Real life is life here and now
4. Obedience, humility and self-destruction
5. In the threads of fate
6. Scars of the crucifix
7. The dark castle in the deep forest
8. Nine grams
9. In the threads of fate
10. The brotherhood of Death
11. Communion by Fire
12. Dance of Death

Length: 46:53

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Ashen Light´s 2008 release follows the similar pattern with their previous output "Filosofiya...", displaying powerful and raw black metal with some modern and symphonic touches.

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