A Forest Of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (Ltd.)

A Forest Of Stars "Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (Ltd.)" Digibook CD/DVD

Label: Prophecy
Released: 2010/2011
Style: Psychedelic Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Sorrow´s Impetus
2. Raven´s Eye View
3. Summertide´s Approach
4. Thunder´s Cannonade
5. Starfire´s Memory
6. Delay´s Progression

Bonus DVD:
1. Raven´s Eye View (Video)
2. Male (Live Video)

Length: 01:12:10


"Opportunistic Thieves of Spring" is the second testimony of the musical-alchemistical skills of A Forest of Stars and contains a previously unheard-of ghostly and hypnotic music, filled with the spirit of the glorious Victorian Age - a harrowing testimony of their many spiritual and sensual excesses.

Limited edition digibook CD/DVD reissue.


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