Baalsebub - The Sickness Of The Holy Inquisition

Baalsebub "The Sickness Of The Holy Inquisition" CD

Label: Ungodly Ruins
Released: 2016
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Death by Boiling
2. Nightwatch
3. Examination of a Witch
4. Procedure of Emasculation
5. Dungeon of Rats
6. Torment of the Slow Rectal Impalement
7. Pear of Anguish
8. The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition

Length: 34:11


The full-length studio debut by Estonian slam/brutal death metal horror Baalsebub!

As described by Russellmania: "All of the torture depicted on the cover is nothing compared to hearing the death rattle of this skin-tight snare drum / cowbell. Either embrace it, or learn to ignore it. Brutal riffs, vomitous vocals, grimy as fuck bass tone, slightly distinguishable songs. You know you want it."


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