Barishi - Blood From The Lion´s Mouth

Barishi "Blood From The Lion´s Mouth" Digipak CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2016
Style: Progressive/Avantgarde Metal
Country: USA


1. Grave of the Creato
2. Blood from the Lion´s Mouth
3. The Great Ennead
4. Death Moves in Silence
5. Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery
6. Bonesetter
7. The Deep
8. The Spectral Order

Length: 43:41


With their sophomore full-length "Blood from the Lion´s Mouth", BARISHI demonstrate that it is still possible to challenge the established formulas of the progressive metal genre by recombining its musical DNA. BARISHI provide the listener with earth-shattering grooves and savage vocals born in the verdant mountains of Vermont.


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