B.D.Ö. - Heavy Metal Megahits

B.D.Ö. "Heavy Metal Megahits" CD

Label: Self-released
Released: 2009
Style: Crossover/Alternative Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Operation B
2. Pole Vaulting Boys
4. Let´s Ski
5. Synthezier Is Not My Friend
6. Bitchtrap
7. Never Trust A Fat Cat
8. Supero Hypero Pig
9. Flamingo The Destructor
10. Shoot The Laughing Smurf
11. Do Not Play Football
12. Intelligent Basketball Player
13. Young Avant Garde Artists
14. Home B (Beep Shop Boys Remix)
15. Gett Off My Boat
16. The Dogz Of Buzinez
17. Birthday Party
18. Band From 1 Billion Years B.C.
19. WHY?
20. Heavy Metal Nonstop
21. Unihea

Length: 01:14:01


The very first anthology album of B.D.Ö. (often titled as the leaders of Estonian alternative music scene in the nineties) contains 22 songs recorded between 1990 and 1996. Also added two new songs!


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