Banks, Peter - Two Sides Of Peter Banks

Banks, Peter "Two Sides Of Peter Banks" CD

Label: Esoteric
Released: 1973/2009
Style: Jazz/Fusion/Prog Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Visions Of The King
2. The White House Vale
- a. On The Hill
- b. Lord Of The Dragon
3. Knights
- a. The Falcon
- b. The Bear
4. Battles
5. Knights (Reprise)
6. Last Eclipse
7. Beyond The Loneliest Sea
8. Stop That!
9. Get Out Of My Fridge

Length: 41:17


Upon his departure from YES, guitarist PETER BANKS formed the Progressive band FLASH. The band enjoyed a degree of success in the USA which afforded BANKS the chance to record this solo album with a cast of guest musicians which included JAN AKKERMAN, PHIL COLLINS, STEVE HACKETT and JOHN WETTON.


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