Plant, Robert - Live From The Artists Den (with The Band Of Joy)

Plant, Robert "Live From The Artists Den (with The Band Of Joy)" Blu-Ray

Label: Universal
Released: 2012
Style: Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Black Dog
2. Angel Dance
3. Houses of the Holy
4. House of Cards
5. Cindy, I´ll Marry You Someday
6. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
7. Somewhere Trouble Don´t Go
8. Tangerine
9. A Satisfied Mind
10. Move Up
11. Down to the Sea
12. Ramble On
13. Gallows Pole
14. In the Mood
15. Rock and Roll
16. I Bid You Goodnight

- interview with Robert Plant
- Inside The Artists Den (documentary)
- picture gallery

Length: 01:17:00


A rare snowy day in Nashville, Tennessee set the stage for an even rarer event – an intimate concert by rock icon Robert Plant at the War Memorial Auditorium. Performing with his new, Grammy-nominated group aptly titled the Band of Joy – Plant played both Led Zeppelin classics and new songs that continue to have an impact on the music scene today.


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