Coroner - Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Deluxe Edition)

Coroner "Autopsy: The Years 1985-2014 in Pictures (Deluxe Edition)" Gatefold LP/3x BluRay

Label: Century Media
Released: 2016
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Switzerland


BluRay 1: Rewind (Documentary)

BluRay 2: Reunion
1. Intro
2. Golden Cashmere Sleeper Part 1
3. Masked Jackal
4. Serpent Moves
5. Internal Conflicts
6. Son Of Lilith
7. D.O.A.
8. Status: Still Thinking
9. Metamorphosis
10. The Lethargic Age
11. The Invincible
12. Semtex Revolution
13. Gliding Above While Being Below
14. Divine Step
15. Der Mussolini
16. Grin
17. Reborn Through Hate
Bonus - Reunion Gigs Bonus (48 min.)

BluRay 3: Archives
1. Live In East Berlin 1990 (50 min.)
2. Masked Jackal (Music video)
3. I Want You (Music video)
4. Last Entertainment (Music video)
5. Spectators Of Sin (Volkshaus, Zurich, November 16, 1986)
6. The Invincible (Rehearsal Room, Zurich 1986)
7. Funeral Tour Excerpts (Live In France 1996)

LP side A:
1. Divine Step (Conspectu Mortis)
2. Reborn Through Hate
3. Masked Jackal
4. Die By My Hand

LP side B:
5. Sudden Fall
6. D.O.A.
7. Nosferatu
8. Serpent Moves



Swiss tech-thrash metal pioneers CORONER have returned! The band is currently working on it´s 2017 studio album, but before this happens, CORONER look back on their storied history on "Autopsy", jam packed with a documentary movie, live recordings, previously unseen interviews sprawled across 3DVD-s, and a best-of compilation on CD.

Deluxe Edition gatefold sleeve, signed by all band members. Limited to 3000 copies. Includes also a booklet with photos und a big poster. The blu-rays are inside the gatefold.


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