Queensryche - Mindcrime At The Moore

Queensryche "Mindcrime At The Moore" Blu-Ray

Label: Eagle Vision
Released: 2007
Style: Progressive Metal
Country: USA


Part I:
1. I Remember Now
2. Anarchy-X
3. Revolution Calling
4. Operation: Mindcrime
5. Speak
6. Spreading The Disease
7. The Mission
8. Suite Sister Mary
9. The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking The Silence
12. I Don´t Believe In Love
13. Waiting For 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes Of A Stranger

Part II
16. Freiheit Ouvertüre
17. Convict
18. I´m American
19. One Foot In Hell
20. Hostage
21. The Hands
22. Speed Of Light
23. Signs Say Go
24. Re-Arrange You
25. The Chase
26. Murderer?
27. Circles
28. If I Could Change It All
29. An Intentional Confrontation
30. A Junkie´s Blues
31. Fear City Slide
32. All The Promises

33. Walk In The Shadows
34. Jet City Woman

35. Tour Documentary
36. The Chase
37. Queensrÿche Rock And Ride



"Mindcrime At The Moore" was recorded live during Queensryche´s three night stint at The Moore Theatre in Seattle in October 2006, on the band´s tour in support of "Operation: Mindcrime II". The group performed that album and 1988´s "Operation: Mindcrime" in their entirety.


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