Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour

Rush "Clockwork Angels Tour" Blu-Ray

Label: Anthem
Released: 2013
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Canada


Set One:
1. Subdivisions
2. The Big Money
3. Force Ten
4. Grand Designs
5. The Body Electric
6. Territories
7. The Analog Kid
8. Bravado
9. Where s My Thing?/ Here It Is! (drum solo)
10. Far Cry

Set Two:
1. Caravan
2. Clockwork Angels
3. The Anarchist
4. Carnies
5. The Wreckers
6. Headlong Flight / Drumbastica (drum solo)
7. Peke s Repose (guitar solo) / Halo Effect
8. Seven Cities of Gold
9. Wish Them Well
10. The Garden
11. Dreamline
12. The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme (II) Steambanger s Ball (drum solo)
13. Red Sector A
14. YYZ
15. The Spirit of Radio

1. Tom Sawyer
2. 2112

- Limelight (soundcheck filmed in Dallas)
- Middletown Dreams (filmed in Phoenix)
- The Pass (filmed in Phoenix)
- Manhattan Project (filmed in Phoenix)

Special features:
- Can t Stop Thinking Big (25 min tour documentary)
- Behind The Scenes (featuring Jay Baruchel)
- Outtakes
- Interview With Dwush
- Family Goy
- Family Sawyer
- The Watchmaker (intermission tour film)
- Office Of The Watchmaker (closing tour film)

Length: 4 hours


Rush "Clockwork Angels Tour" captures the band´s 2012-2013 sold-out tour from a unique point-of-view approach to filmmaking utilizing distinct composition and a voyeuristic style that at varying moments puts the viewer on the stage, at the side of the stage, and throughout the arena. For the first time ever the legendary band (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart) was accompanied on this tour by an eight-piece string section! This electrifying 2-DVD features over 3 hours of music including favorites "Tom Sawyer" and "The Spirit of Radio", 3 drum solos, new string arrangements of classics such as "YYZ", "Dreamline" and "Red Sector A", and rarely performed songs such as "The Body Electric" and "Middletown Dreams".


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