Cathedral - The Serpent´s Gold

Cathedral "The Serpent´s Gold" 2CD

Label: Earache
Released: 2004
Style: Doom/Stoner Metal
Country: United Kingdom


CD 1:
1. Ride
2. Hopkins (Witchfinder General)
3. Autumn Twilight
4. Midnight Mountain
5. Soul Sacrifice
6. Enter the Worms
7. Stained Glass Horizon
8. Vampire Sun
9. Cosmic Funeral
10. Ebony Tears
11. Melancholy Emperor
12. Equilibrium
13. Utopian Blaster
14. Voodoo Fire
15. Imprisoned In Flesh

CD 2:
1. Hide and Seek
2. Neophytes for Serpent Eve (demo)
3. Violet Breath
4. Night of the Seagulls (demo)
5. Magic Mountain
6. A Funeral Request (live)
7. The Olde Oak Tree
8. Schizoid Puppeteer
9. Carnival Bizarre (demo)
10. Rabies (Witchfinder General cover)
11. Blue Light (live)
12. Commiserating the Celebration (of Life) (demo)

Length: 02:33:39


Double CD compilation featuring 27 tracks and over 150 minutes. The first disc contains all of the bands greatest moments from the six Earache albums. Disc two features 3 completely unreleased songs, two unreleased live tracks plus rare demo recordings and unusual re-workings of Cathedral classics.


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