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Cure, The "Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe Edition)" 2CD
Label Fiction
Release date 1980/2012
Style Post-punk/Gothic Rock
Country Suurbritannia
Price: 9.99 EUR


1. Reflection
2. Play For Today
3. Secrets
4. In Your House
5. Three
6. The Final Sound
7. A Forest
8. M
9. At Night
10. Seventeen Seconds

Bonus CD:
1. IĀ“m a Cult Hero (vinyl single by Cult Hero 12/79)
2. I Dig You (vinyl single by Cult Hero 12/79)
3. Another Journey by Train (AKA 44F) (group home instrumental demo 1/80)
4. Secrets (group home instrumental demo 1/80)
5. Seventeen Seconds (live in Amsterdam, January 1980)
6. In Your House (live in Amsterdam, January 1980)
7. Three (alternate studio mix 2/80)
8. I Dig You (Cult Hero live at the Marquee Club, London, March 1980)
9. IĀ“m a Cult Hero (Cult Hero live at the Marquee Club, London, March 1980)
10. M (live in Arnhem, May 1980)
11. The Final Sound (live in France, June 1980)
12. A Reflection (live in France, June 1980)
13. Play for Today (live in France, June 1980)
14. At Night (live in France, June 1980)
15. A Forest (live in France, June 1980)

Length: 35:40 + bonus

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Out of all the bands that emerged in the immediate aftermath of punk rock in the late Ā“70s, few have proven as enduring and popular as The Cure. "Seventeen Seconds" is their second studio album.

Remastered as part of UniversalĀ“s Deluxe Edition series, featuring bonus live tracks and demos as well as studio material by Cult Hero.

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