Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination Of Death

Carpathian Forest "Morbid Fascination Of Death" Digipak CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2001/2007
Style: Black Metal/Black`n`Roll
Country: Norway


1. Fever, Flames and Hell
2. Doomed to Walk the Earth as Slaves of the Living Dead
3. Morbid Fascination of Death
4. Through Self-Mutilation
5. Knokkelmann
6. Warlord of Misantrophy
7. A World of Bones
8. Carpathian Forest
9. Cold Comfort
10. Speechless
11. Ghoul (Mayhem Cover)
12. Nostalgia (Demo Version)

Length: 46:12


This is the third album of true Norwegian black metal from Carpathian Forest, & was originally released in 2001.


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