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Cephalic Carnage "Exploiting Dysfunction" CD
Label Relapse
Release date 1998
Style Grindcore/Death/Fusion Metal
Country USA
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Hybrid
2. Driven to Insanity
3. Rehab
4. Observer to the Obliteration of Planet Earth
5. On six
6. Gracias
7. Cryptospordium
8. The Ballad of Moon
9. 9 Feet of Smoke
10. Warm hand on a cold night
11. Invertus Indica
12. Molestation Plantas Muertos!
13. Eradicate Authority
14. Paralyzed by Fear
15. Exploiting Dysfunction

Length: 58:03

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Cephalic Carnage drop state of the art bombs of schizophrenic death/grind unto the ears of the unsuspecting. Their second studio album.

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