Cianide - Divide And Conquer

Cianide "Divide And Conquer" CD

Label: Merciless
Released: 2000
Style: Old School Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Divide And Conquer
2. Throne Of Blood
3. Death Machine
4. Armed To The Teeth
5. Apocalyptic Fear
6. Filled With Hate
7. One-Thousand Ways To Die
8. Battle-Scared
9. Bastardized
10. Remain In Hell



Maiuspala kõigile vanakooli räpase death-metali fanaatikutele! Chicago skeene tuntud tegija Cianide´i looming kujutab endast tihket sulamit death-, doom- ja sludge-metalist, puha vana hea Venomi, Hellhammeri ning Autopsy stiilis.


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