Communic - Where Echoes Gather (Ltd.)

Communic "Where Echoes Gather (Ltd.)" Digipak CD

Label: AFM
Released: 2017
Style: Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Norway


1. The Pulse of the Earth (Part 1: The Magnetic Center)
2. The Pulse of the Earth (Part 2: Impact of the Wave)
3. Where Echoes Gather (Part 1: Beneath the Giant)
4. Where Echoes Gather (Part 2: The Underground Swine)
5. Moondance
6. Where History Lives
7. Black Flag of Hate
8. The Claws of the Sea (Part 1: Journey into the Source)
9. The Claws of the Sea (Part 2: The First Moment)

10. Watching It All Disappear (Live)
11. At Dewy Prime (Live)
12. Waves of Visual Decay (Acoustic version) (Live)

Length: 01:13:59


Heavy, grandiously melodic and dynamically progressive heavy/power metal from Norway with ex-Ingermanland and ex-Scariot members.

Limited edition, with three bonus tracks.


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