Cales - The Pass In Time

Cales "The Pass In Time" CD

Label: Red Black Prod.
Released: 2001
Style: Epic Dark Metal
Country: Czech Republic


1. Hymn of Meeting
2. Wandering Phantom
3. Along Paths of Return (Pagan Nostalgia)
4. From the Bosom of Oblivion
5. Faces in the Walls
6. Sacrifice to Fire
7. Burn My Blood
8. The Last Winter Dance
9. The Rebirth
10. On the Way (Tribal Essence)

Length: 01:00:39


Second album of Root´s ex-member Blackie´s Cales, often described as epic majestic metal, drawing influences both from progressive and doom metal, Bathory´s epic viking metal era, celtic folk music and so on.


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