Cephalic Carnage - Lucid Interval

Cephalic Carnage "Lucid Interval" CD

Label: Relapse
Released: 2002
Style: Grindcore/Death/Fusion Metal
Country: USA


1. Scolopendra Cingulata
2. Fortuitous Oddity
3. Anthro Emesis
4. The Isle of California
5. Pseudo
6. Friend of Mine
7. Rebellion
8. Zuno Gyakusatsu
9. Black Metal Sabbath
10. Cannabism
11. Lucid Interval
12. Misguided
13. Redundant
14. Arsonist Savior

Length: 57:30


Cephalic Carnage unveil their third album "Lucid Interval", a high-impact dose of unique sounds combining various styles of heavy music with elements of jazz-fusion and an ultra-keen sense of progression.


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