Clearlight - Visions

Clearlight "Visions" CD

Label: Clearlight Music
Released: 1978/2000
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: France


1. Spirale d´amour
2. Messe caline
3. Au royaume des mutants
4. Fullmoon raga
5. Songe de cristal
6. Paix profonde

7. Guitar elevation
8. Cristal city
9. Shanti lotus
10. Heymae
11. Vision nocturne
12. O rage O espoir
13. Songe de cristal (Remix)

Length: 01:13:03


Clearlight´s final album set off in yet another new direction - while previous albums incorporated a new age element blended with other styles, this one is primarily a new age album, reflecting the emergence of new age music as a popular genre. The album is mostly instrumental.


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