Celestia - Archaenae Perfectii

Celestia "Archaenae Perfectii" Digipak CD

Label: Apparitia
Released: 2010
Style: Black Metal
Country: France


1. Grandiohsia Obverturae / Vue du Ciel
2. Demhiurghic Deity (Devilution)
3. Phoenemenae of Creation
4. Dogmatii Duality / Au Crépuscule Sous les Larmes
5. Dominus Crux Spiritus
6. ArcheArcanae des Parfaits
7. Perfectii Ketter Katharos
8. Nuit Qui Brille Comme Soleil

Length: 33:22


France is known of it´s black metal bands (Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega) able to continue pumping new, creative blood into the currently festering black metal world. Somewhat mysterious Celestia is no exception, taking melancholic, almost romantic approach to mid-paced black metal.

"Archaenae Perfectii" is the third album from Celestia, released in 2010 as a digipak.


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