Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration

Celestia "Dead Insecta Sequestration" Slipcase CD

Label: Apparitia
Released: 2003
Style: Black Metal
Country: France


1. The Fragrance of the Dead Rose
2. Fruits of a Tragic End
3. Dead Insecta Sequestration
4. A Silent Night in a Silent Castle
5. Morbid Romance
6. Necromelancholic Reveries
7. Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum Cover)

Bonus: Live in Holland 2002
8. The Awakening Of The Dormant Fiancee
9. Necromelancholic Reveries
10. Wandering Through The Past Memories
11. Perverted Decadent Dying Love
12. Spectra
13. A Dying Out Ecstacy
14. The Radiance Of The Astral Circle



France is known of it´s black metal bands (Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega) able to continue pumping new, creative blood into the currently festering black metal world. Somewhat mysterious Celestia is no exception, taking melancholic, almost romantic approach to mid-paced black metal.

"Dead Insecta Sequestration" is a sort of collection album, compiling various Celestia recordings. Originally released in 2003 by Agonia Records, later re-released by Apparitia, including seven additional live tracks from Holland 2002.


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