Connatural Terror - Lunacy Frenzy

Connatural Terror "Lunacy Frenzy" MCD

Label: Psycho Lunacy Sounds
Released: 2011
Style: Death Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Carbon Tight Organs
2. Psycho Path
3. Planet Terror

Length: 11:29


Terrifying and unpredictable, there are Powers beyond any control, logic and reason. By design, Connaturally, they are to roar around rambunctiously, it´s their nature.Be it psyche(loose canons in the head), carnal, steel or furious blue planet itself. You can hope, pray, fear or hide in ignorance, but still, non can head them into direction where those unstopable forces bind to someones will. They just exist, they are Connatural.

Connatural Terror as band torn it´s way through mind and flesh driven by Death Metal and those uncontrollable shakers. Paying respect to great ones before us, unleashing sounds of our own. Sonic journey through the landscapes of pounding chaos where melodies deepen the sense of raging madness. Space where the Lunacy lurks in every corner and lava flows all over the cemented walls of today´s comprehension of ´sane´ surroundings. To stand in the Eye of the Storm and to see closer of bursting scourge. Where some see danger we see opportunity. Welcome to the soundscapes of Connatural Terror.


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