Casablanca - Riding A Black Swan

Casablanca "Riding A Black Swan" CD

Label: Sony
Released: 2013
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Sweden


1. The Giant Dreamless Sleep
2. Hail the Liberation
3. Dead End Street Revisited
4. It´s Alright
5. Barriers
6. Riding a Black Swan
7. Some Misty Morning
8. Heartbreak City
9. No Devil In Me
10. Just For The Nite



Casablanca, spawned from Sweden, features one of Alice Cooper’s stained guitar flames, Ryan Roxie, in their ranks. Following their successful debut "Apocalyptic Youth", the rockin´ swedes continue on a fiercer note with sharper fangs on the wings of a blackened swan with the sophomore "Riding A Black Swan".


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