Dagger, The - The Dagger

Dagger, The "The Dagger" CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2014
Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Sweden


1. Ahead of You All
2. Call of 9
3. Ballad of an Old Man
4. Skygazer
5. Electric Dawn
6. 1978
7. Dogs of Warning
8. Nocturnal Triumph
9. Inside the Monolithic Dome
10. Dark Cloud

Length: 44:15


The Dagger is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Stockholm, consisting of ex-Dismember members Fred Estby, David Blomqvist and Tobias Cristiansson, plus vocalist Jani Kataja (Mangrove, Sideburn). While there certainly was a revival of 70’s rock and traditional 80’s metal in recent years, THE DAGGER thought many acts around lacked the right feeling and sound, so they set out to create real classic hard rock rooted in blues rock. THE DAGGER stands for eagerly rehearsing, jamming, recording live and writing songs as a unit resulting in an authentic and captivating approach.


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