Dallas - Delay Lama

Dallas "Delay Lama" CD

Label: hyper.records
Released: 2003
Style: Indie Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Seems Like Sun
2. Brand New Rocket
3. Timewaste
4. If My Soul Turns Taxfree
5. Set: Alone
6. March
7. Raj Kapoor
8. Justitia
9. Kirjade kuningas
10. Thunderstorm
11. Lift
12. Delay Lama



That´s the pop what ones call underground and others indie.
Actually it´s a blend of 60s estrade, bossanova and twist, 70s progressive, 80s disco and dub and beginnings of 90s shoegaze.
Dallas is an electro-acoustic band using mainly East-Germans origin guitars and synthesizers and adding then their futuristic vision of the changes-to-take-place in the future society. Call it either estrade-romo or even pathetic futurism.


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