Daath - The Hinderers

Daath "The Hinderers" CD

Label: Roadrunner
Released: 2007
Style: Modern Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Subterfuge
2. From the Blind
3. Cosmic Forge
4. Sightless
5. Under a Somber Sign
6. Ovum
7. Festival Mass Soulform
8. Above Lucium
9. Who Will Take the Blame?
10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade)
11. Dead on the Dance Floor
12. Blessed Through Misery
13. Hinderers

Length: 49:09


Featuring amazing tracks like "Subterfuge" and "Ovum," this 13-track album will blow your mind and melt your face off. Modern death metal in its wildest carnation!


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