Dark Age - Acedia

Dark Age "Acedia" CD

Label: AFM
Released: 2009
Style: Melodic Dark/Death Metal
Country: Germany


1. Kingdom Nevercome
2. Devote Yourself to Nothing
3. Neon Gardens
4. Snake of June
5. Zeitgeist (Ghost in a Machine)
6. 10 Steps to Nausea
7. Halo Meridian
8. Underneath these Burdens
9. All the Unfullfilled
10. Babylon Riots
11. Myself heretic

Length: 44:03


Whether you call Dark Age´s music "Melodic Death Metal", "Dark Metal" or whatever - it´s a very melodic, rich mixture of haunting melodies, charismatic vocals, an always perfect balance of power, modern influences and a slight gothic touch.


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