Anathema - A Sort Of Homecoming

Anathema "A Sort Of Homecoming" Digibook DVD/2CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2015
Style: Acoustic
Country: United Kingdom


DVD / 2CD:
1. The Lost Song Part 2
2. Untouchable Part 1
3. Untouchable Part 2
4. Thin Air
5. Dreaming Light
6. Anathema
7. Ariel
8. Electricity
9. Temporary Peace
10. The Beginning And The End
11. Distant Satellites
12. Take Shelter
13. Internal Landscapes
14. A Natural Disaster
15. Fragile Dreams



In March 2015, Anathema played an acoustic tour of cathedrals that culminated in a sold out show in their hometown of Liverpool in the city´s Anglican Cathedral. Having previously worked with Anathema on their acclaimed concert film "Universal", Lasse Hoile captured the 100 minute acoustic set against the sensational backdrop of the cathedral.

The band were accompanied throughout by David Wesling on cello, alongside the renowned violinist Anna Phoebe.

DVD + 2CD in Digibook format.

DVD: Dolby Digital Stereo / DTS 5.1 Surround / Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio options


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