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Ulver "The Norwegian National Opera" Blu-Ray/DVD
Label K-Scope
Release date 2011
Style Ambient/Electronic/Art-rock
Country Norra
Price: 9.99 EUR


Blu-Ray & DVD:
1. The Moon Piece
2. Eos
3. Let the Children Go
4. Little Blue Bird
5. Rock Massif
6. For the Love of God
7. In the Red
8. Operator
9. Funebre
10. Excerpts of Silence
11. A Memorable Fancy
12. Hallways of Always
13. England
14. A Cold Kiss
15. Like Music
16. Not Saved
17. The Leg Cutting Piece


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Recorded on the band´s landmark show at the Norwegian National Opera House in Oslo, this is a stunning concert from Norway´s legendary purveyors of dark music. The two hour set marries tracks from throughout the band’s catalogue to stunning visuals to create a spectacle fitting for such a grand venue. The evening was captured on 6 HD cameras and the audio has been mixed for this release in the band’s own Crystal Canyon Studios.

This edition features the gig on both BluRay and DVD (NTSC Region 0).

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