Katatonia - Last Fair Day Gone Night

Katatonia "Last Fair Day Gone Night" Mediabook 2DVD / 2CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2014
Style: Dark Rock/Metal
Country: Sweden


CD 1:
1. Dispossession
2. Chrome
3. We Must Bury You
4. Teargas
5. I Transpire
6. Tonight´s Music
7. Clean Today
8. The Future Of Speech
9. Passing Bird
10. Sweet Nurse
11. Don´t Tell A Soul

CD 2:
1. Brave
2. Nephilim
3. My Twin
4. I Break
5. Right Into The Bliss
6. The Promise Of Deceit
7. Wait Outside
8. The Longest Year
9. July
10. New Night
11. Dissolving Bonds
12. Forsaker

DVD 1:
Last Fair Day Gone Night Concert Film

DVD 2:
A 20th Year Flashback Documentary



"Last Fair Day Gone Night" features Katatonia at their glorious best with this electrifying set from London´s Koko venue, with the band´s captivating performance captured on DVD with accompanying double audio disc of the whole concert. Also includes a full band documentary charting the band´s early days and subsequent rise, as told in the words of band masterminds Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström.

DVD format NTSC.


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