Rush - R40 Live

Rush "R40 Live" DVD

Label: Anthem
Released: 2015
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Canada


1. The World is... The World is...
2. The Anarchist
3. Headlong Flight
4. Far Cry
5. The Main Monkey Business
6. How It Is
7. Animate
8. Roll the Bones
9. Between the Wheels
10. Losing It (with Ben Mink)
11. Subdivisions
12. No Country for Old Hens
13. Tom Sawyer
14. YYZ
15. The Spirit of Radio
16. Natural Science
17. Jacob´s Ladder
18. Hemispheres: Prelude
19. Cygnus X-1/The Story So Far (drum solo)
20. Closer to the Heart
21. Xanadu
22. 2112
23. Mel´s Rockpile (with Eugene Levy)
24. Lakeside Park/Anthem
25. What You´re Doing/Working Man
26. Exit Stage Left
27. One Little Victory
28. Distant Early Warning
29. Red Barchetta

Length: 3 tundi


Rush recorded and filmed "R40 Live" over two sold-out shows in the band´s hometown of Toronto on June 17 & 19, 2015 in the middle of their R40 Live 35-date North American tour.

R40 Live had the trio of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, performing a career-spanning live retrospective, celebrating their 40+ years together.

Single DVD edition.


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