Ayreon "The Theater Equation" Digipak DVD/2CD
Label InsideOut
Release date 2016
Style Progressive Metal/Rock
Country Holland
Price: 22.99 EUR


DVD / 2 CDs:
1. Menu

Live in Rotterdam in September 2015:
2. Day one: Vigil
3. Day two: Isolation
4. Day three: Pain
5. Day four: Mystery
6. Day five: Voices
7. Reprise Pain 1
8. Day six: Childhood
9. Day seven: Hope
10. Day eight: School
11. Reprise Childhood
12. Day nine: Playground
13. Day ten: Memories
14. Reprise Pain 2
15. Day eleven: Love
16. Day twelve: Trauma
17. Day thirteen: Sign
18. Day fourteen: Pride
19. Reprise Vigil
20. Day fifteen: Betrayal
21. Reprise School
22. Day sixteen: Loser
23. Day seventeen: Accident?
24. Reprise Pain 3
25. Day eighteen: Realization
26. Reprise Trauma
27. Day nineteen: Disclosure
28. Day twenty: Confrontation
29. Dream Sequencer System Offline


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In September 2015, over the course of four sold-out shows, AYREON´s legendary progressive rock concept album “The Human Equation” was brought to life as a full-blown musical production at the Nieuwe Luxor theater in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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