Spock´s Beard - Snow Live

Spock´s Beard "Snow Live" Digipak 2DVD/2CD

Label: Radiant
Released: 2017
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: USA


DVD / 2CD:
Part I:
1. Made Alive / Overture
2. Stranger In A Strange Land
3. Long Time Suffering
4. Welcome To NYC
5. Love Beyond Words
6. The 39th Street Blues (I´m Sick)
7. Devil´s Got My Throat
8. Open Wide The Flood Gates
9. Open The Gates Part 2
10. Solitary Soul
11. Solitary Soul (continuation)
12. Wind At My Back
13. Second Overture
14. 4th Of July

Part II:
1. I´m The Guy
2. Reflection
3. Carrie
4. Looking For Answers
5. Freak Boy
6. All Is Vanity
7. I´m Dying
8. Freak Boy Part 2
9. Devil´s Got My Throat Revisited
10. Snow´s Night Out
11. Ladies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards
12. I Will Go
13. Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back
14. Falling For Forever

DVD 2:
1. June
2. Falling Forever

Behind-the-scenes feature: "The Making Of Snow Live"



Spock´s Beard featuring Neal Morse and all members past and present perform "SNOW" for the first time ever at Morsefest 2016!


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