Necrophagia - Nightmare Scenarios

Necrophagia "Nightmare Scenarios" DVD

Label: Red Stream Records
Released: 2004
Style: Horror Death Metal
Country: USA


The Divine Art of Torture
Zo De Caixao
Sick Room
Flowers of Flesh and Blood
Rue Morgue Disciple
Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
Blaspheme the Body
Flowers of Flesh and Blood (Version 2)
Upon Frayed Lips of Silence (Uncut)
Interviews, behind-the-scenes...



Bändi 2004. aastal ilmunud DVD on oma sisult bändi promovideote kogumik. Lisaks üheksale videole leiab fänn siit veel intervjuud ja pullitegemise kaadrid. Muusikat kommenteerib ka pornostaar Jenna Jameson :)



Britton Dicks
Metal Coven

I wonder if Killjoy will one day ever run out of ideas? I think he´s got nearly ten bands that he´s been in before or he´s currently at the helm of, and all of them are different and offer something that the other bands don´t. The band that started it all though back in the 1980´s was Necrophagia, and even this band has seen a change in style and sound on nearly every album. For all of these years Necrophagia fans have had the soundtrack to their horror filled nightmares, but they had little if any visual aid to go with the music. Until now, that is. The Necrophagia boys have all gotten together and brought us a blood splattered DVD full of all things grotesque and insane with the release of "Nightmare Scenarios".

What this DVD consists of is horrific mini movies played along with Necrophagia´s music. And these movies are fucking brutal, I´ll tell you! One short movie depicts a man soliciting a prostitute, which in turn steals his money and takes off. The dude jumps out of his car and runs into her house after her. She hits him over the head with a bunson burner and then starts to burn his flesh away and slice his chest to shreds with a knife. Another movie (which stars famed Brazilian horror master Coffin Joe) has a dude having his way with all sorts of naked women. Full frontal nudity here. He and Killjoy even find themselves slurping blood out of a dead woman´s ass. It turns even more macabre though as Coffin Joe has a throne made out of naked female bodies. They are all arranged cleverly and bent at the right angles to make the throne´s seat, arms and footrest. If that isn´t enough, Coffin Joe seems to like to pass his time chopping up and stabbing titties at his leisure. One other movie is about some dude who strangles his girlfriend in bed for no apparent reason, drags her corpse to the bathtub, hacks all of her limbs apart and stuffs them in a plastic bag. All the time he´s doing this he´s merrily singing along to the Necrophagia song that is playing at the time. There´s seven of these horrific pieces of film/metal art like this on the DVD, and they are all just as insane as the three I told you about above. Every so often the movies will cut out to show the band either live in front of an audience or just jamming in a warehouse somewhere. Don´t expect great acting in these movies because they are all B-rated (it´s better this way!) and most of them have no voice-overs at all and instead the DVD uses the band´s music to help the story along. The films are mostly shown in full frame, but the last short film (video actually) is done in widescreen. The video effects are really varied and extremely well done, and so are the makeup effects. The zombies are especially well done. The video quality is excellent, but from time to time the footage is shown with an effect that makes the film look like it´s really old reel to reel footage. It looks cool to tell you the truth. Add to this that the "Spanish Lon Cheney" Paul Naschy (Curse Of The Werewolf) makes a guest appearance on this DVD, and you have an unforgettable experience waiting for you when you pick this DVD up.

Aside from the short movies, there is also over forty minutes of bonus material for you to watch. Some of the bonus material includes footage of the band recording in a European recording studio. All the members are shown playing at one point or another. The footage of Killjoy recording vocal tracks looks like someone grabbed a camera and started videotaping a possessed demon locked up in a tiny room. At one point Killjoy is bellowing out his vocals and then stops. You can hear one of the soundmen ask him "Do you still have your lungs???". There´s also quite a lot of footage of the band just fucking and joking around. For those that don´t know, this newer incarnation of Necrophagia has ex-Immortal (and current bassist for The Cland Destined, Martin Walkyier´s new band) bassist Iscariah on bass, and Mirai from Sigh on keyboards. You get to see a lot of footage of them too. You see Iscariah recording, and Mirai twiddling with various synths and spewing blood out his pie (sushi) hole. Man, he´s a great keyboard/synth player. There´s also a ton of other bonus features such as two still photo galleries and a special message from porn actress Jenna Jameson.

The music found on this DVD is I think the best Necrophagia material to date. Iscariah has injected a lot of bottom end into Necrophagia´s music, and Mirai´s keyboards fit oddly well within Necrophagia´s brand of Thrash/Death Metal. Both Mirai and Iscariah were on their last EP"Goblins Be Thine" which was great, but this new music kills even that EP The Thrash aspect of the music on "Nightmare Scenarios" really reminds me of 80´s thrash, which is a good thing. This is easy music to bang your head to. If no one has ever heard Killjoy´s vocals than I guess I can´t help you much here trying to describe them for you. I can describe pretty much everything in a review, but I cannot describe his voice. It´s like hell and utter horror all unleashed upon you at once. No one sounds like Killjoy, and no one ever can because his vocal style is done in a way that every five seconds something new is going on with his voice. It´s like he has a hundred split personalities and all of them are possessed and tormented vocalists.

The packaging of the DVD is great. The cover depicts a very colorful comic book style painting of all of the zombified members of the band in a graveyard. The zombie Killjoy is holding a book that says "Fulci" on it. Hahaha, I honestly think this guy lives for nothing but Metal and horror movies. The back of the DVD has a band photo, some still photos from the DVD and a list of what is on the DVD itself.

"Nightmare Scenarios" is a worthy purchase for anyone into Metal or horror movies. And if you´re into both of these than you are going to really like this DVD. A word of warning though: This DVD is not for the faint of heart. It is really one of the goriest, exploitative and perverse things I´ve ever seen. If you are easily offended, think Scream is a scary movie, or if you have a weak stomach then don´t even bother watching or buying this thing. Killjoy, you are one sick and twisted motherfucker, you know that? And I thank you!

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