Necrophagia - Necrotorture / Sickcess

Necrophagia "Necrotorture / Sickcess" DVD

Label: Red Stream Records
Released: 2005
Style: Horror Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Live In Spain



Professionaalselt purki võetud täispikk kontsertshow Hispaaniast 2003. Necrophagia demonstreerib, milles nad head on: kannibalism, vägivald, tapaiha... Seega, parimate zombifilmide tasemel õudusetendus!



Kory Grow
Decibel Magazine

Whether they’ll cop to it or not, Necrophagia fans love kitsch, and frontman Killjoy will more than happily serve up skullfuls of the stuff. Naturally, their first DVD’s two features are chock full of cannibalism jokes, the band’s competent gore metal, and plenty of Killjoy making “quips” (read: he makes himself chuckle) as he says, “Nothing like fresh meat, ha ha ha” in the same growl he sings in after their stagehand “kills” a man onstage. This, after all, is the same little hobgoblin who has a MySpace blog that reads: “Subject: ‘I only fuck…’ Body: ‘Corpses or things vomited from hell!’” (Whew!)

With that in mind, this DVD comprehensively trades wit for lowbrow in-jokes, which is exactly what Necrophagia fans adore, judging from the eager folks begging to suck Killjoy’s blood on the “in-store horror” extra. The Sickcess documentary tracks a supposedly nervous filmmaker’s quest to investigate the “rumors” that surround the band about cannibalism (necrophagia literally means “eating dead human flesh”), as he naturally succumbs to killing and eating “corpses” alongside the band. Granted, this ain’t Bergman, but if Killjoy ate elephant shit onscreen instead of prosthetic, catsup-covered legs, it might pass as credible by early John Waters standards.

On the performance half, Necrotorture, Killjoy makes out with a fake, half-corpse thing, holds up an inverted cross to Bach-like organ playing, and all but forgets the man they “murdered” at the beginning of the show (imagine getting paid to play dead for an hour!). It’s good, silly fun that isn’t clean but isn’t entirely stupid either. Just be glad you’re not a corpse… or vomited from hell.—Kory Grow

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