Hate Eternal "The Perilous Fight" DVD
Label Earache Records
Release date 2006
Style Death Metal
Country USA
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Two Demons
2. Servants Of The Gods
3. The Victorious Reign
4. Dogma Condemned
5. I, Monarch
6. Behold Judas
7. The Obscure Terror
8. To Know Our Enemies
9. Powers That Be
10. By His Own Decree
11. Sons Of Darkness
12. King Of All Kings

Promo videos
1. The Powers That Be
2. I, Monarch
3. The Victorious Reign

Bonus Features
1. Hate Eternal interview (20 min.)
2. Behind the Scenes at Mana Studios (30 min.)


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Fronted by former Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan, death metal masters Hate Eternal offer a searing amalgamation of guitar licks. Songs from a live 2006 London concert include "Two Demons," "Dogma Condemned," "Behold Judas," "King of All Kings," and more...
Exhibiting sheer metal mastery, this DVD is overloaded with bonus features including a guided tour of Mana Studios in Florida by Rutan himself and three promotional videos from the band, including the exclusive unreleased "The Victorious Reign", directed by Shane Drake (PANIC! AT THE DISCO, TRIVIUM, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS).

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